Welcome to the July issue of my monthly newsletter!

General Leslie Stapley 8 Jul

Mortgage Insurance and Your Borrowing Power As a Canadian homebuyer or homeowner, your borrowing power is impacted by a few factors. Recent changes to the lending policies announced by CMHC, The Bank of Canada’s qualifying rate and your banks’ Prime Rate and mortgage stipulations are all things to consider when thinking about purchasing a home. […]

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Welcome to the June issue of my monthly newsletter!

General Leslie Stapley 9 Jun

What to Know BEFORE You Start House-Hunting As exciting as it is to start your journey towards home ownership (or even up- and down-sizing), there are a few things you should consider first. Most importantly, you need to determine your purchase range. Having the proper budget for your future home is the best way to […]

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Welcome to the May issue of my monthly newsletter!

General Leslie Stapley 7 May

Welcome to the May issue of my monthly newsletter!   With Spring at our doorstep, now is a great time to do some Spring cleaning in the form of tidying up your monthly budget! Renovations are another popular activity this time of year, so I have included some tips for you on that below! Lastly, […]

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General Leslie Stapley 5 May

Bank of Canada Stands Ready To Do Whatever It Takes               On the heels of a devastating decline in the Canadian economy, the Bank of Canada is taking unprecedented actions. With record job losses, plunging confidence and a shutdown of most businesses, this month’s newly released Monetary Policy Report […]

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Your Monthly Home and Mortgage News

General Leslie Stapley 9 Apr

COVID-19 and Your Mortgage Learn about your options today! Welcome to the April issue of my monthly newsletter! As your dedicated Dominion Lending Centres mortgage broker, I am happy to help guide you through the current climate amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. I understand that things can be stressful but I am here to help! In […]

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Bank of Canada Cuts Rates 50 BPS to 0.25%

General Leslie Stapley 27 Mar

  Bank of Canada Moves to Restore “Financial Market Functionality” The Bank of Canada today lowered its target for the overnight rate by 50 basis points to ¼ percent. This unscheduled rate decision brings the policy rate to its effective lower bound and is intended to provide support to the Canadian financial system and the […]

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